About Us

After the Lord gave me some brothers, no one showed me what I had to do, but the Most High Himself revealed to me that I should live according to the pattern of the Holy Gospel. Testament of St. Francis of Assisi, 14

Every religious order has its own charism or mission. The Capuchin-Franciscan charism is to build sister-brotherhood, inspired by Jesus' gospel and Francis of Assisi's example, as often as and wherever possible. This leads Capuchins to be involved in a great diversity of ministries, since every area of church life and ministry needs the healing touch of wholesome relationships. Capuchins are drawn strongly to the places and people whose relationships are particularly fragile and vulnerable. Thus, many Capuchins minister among poor and marginalized people. 

Further, the needs of the poor and the demands of justice shape all Capuchin ministries. Capuchins work to promote the equality of all people within the Capuchin Order, the Catholic Church, and the world. In the words of Fr. Solanus Casey [1870-1957], a Detroit Capuchin who is being considered for sainthood, “To be children of God, we must be lovers of justice, truth, and peace.”

Our Priests

Br. Paul Helsham
Br. Matthew Clerkin
Br. Mario Dorado
Br. Gregory Lakra
Br. Ephrem Tigga
Br. Alberts Pandu
Br. Valerian D'Souza
Br. Ben Shore
Br. Rinardo
Br. Rinardo