Capuchins Way Of Life

Our life is rooted in deep commitment:  to God, to our Savior Jesus Christ, to the Franciscan philosophy, to the individuals we serve and to those who  serve with us. Francis of Assisi established a community of equality whose mission was to proclaim that the Good News is available to all people, especially those shunned by society.  Nearly 800 years later, the Capuchins continue to build on this Franciscan tradition through prayer, contemplation, preaching, and caring for the needy.  Today we preach, teach, cook, and counsel.  We minister in hospitals, schools, soup kitchens, parishes, and in the mission fields.  We are pastors, artists, missionaries, farmers, mechanics, and writers.

All people are meant to enjoy the gifts of God's creation.  This is the foundation of Capuchin-Franciscan life.  Our will to serve faithfully is sustained by our living a chaste, communal life.  Morning praise, evening thanksgiving, and regular Eucharist are staples of our community prayer.  By choice, our lifestyle is simple, but don't confuse simple with harsh.  In spite of our vow of poverty, we have the things we need and have enough to ensure a healthy and complete lifestyle.  We recognize the need to take care of ourselves if we are to be of service to others.

Our Priests

Br. Paul Helsham
Br. Matthew Clerkin
Br. Mario Dorado
Br. Gregory Lakra
Br. Ephrem Tigga
Br. Alberts Pandu
Br. Valerian D'Souza
Br. Ben Shore
Br. Rinardo
Br. Rinardo