Our Mission

We are brothers. We live in fraternity, pray as individuals and in community, share meals and time together, helping each other to grow, just like in a family. Our communities, called friaries, are joyful and hospitable places.We are an evangelical brotherhood. Jesus of Nazareth is our guide for a simple and humble life among the people. The life of Christ, Holy Scriptures, St. Francis and his writings give us inspiration. We are sent by Jesus to preach, first by the example of our lives, then in many practical ways: prayer and contemplation, pastoral work, social services, care ministries, mission activities, publications and communication, etc. 

Our Mission here in New Zealand is mainly concerned about the Community life that we live, Celebration of sacraments, visiting the sick in the hospitals and resthomes and homes, chaplency services for the ethnic groups and in the Hopsitals, taking care of the parishes, caring for the youth, so on and so forth. We Capuchins are well known for the living in the communities. These are the missions that we cover at the moment; but we have plenty of opportunities as we see that the faith and spiritual life in this place is slowly getting neglected, to preach the Love of Christ, especially by our way of life. 

Our Priests

Br. Paul Helsham
Br. Matthew Clerkin
Br. Mario Dorado
Br. Gregory Lakra
Br. Ephrem Tigga
Br. Alberts Pandu
Br. Valerian D'Souza
Br. Ben Shore
Br. Rinardo
Br. Rinardo