V - The Manner of Working

73. Mindful that our ultimate end is God alone, to whom each of us should
tend and aspire to be transformed into Him, we exhort all the brothers to turn
their every thought and all their intentions and desires towards this end, with
every possible yearning of love, so that with all our hearts and all our mind,
soul, power and strength, with actual, continuous, intense and pure love, we
may unite ourselves to our supremely good Father.

74. But since it is impossible to reach the end without the means, let each
one strive to lay aside as useless and harmful everything which hinders or
prevents us from walking in the way of salvation. Let them not be concerned
about irrelevant matters, but choose rather those things that are most useful or
necessary for our journey to God, such as sublime poverty, spotless chastity
and humble, prompt obedience, together with the other evangelical virtues
which the Son of God taught us by word and by His own example and that of
His saints.

75. But it is difficult for man to have his mind always raised up to God.
Therefore we order that the brothers, when not engaged in spiritual exercises,
shall do some honest manual work. This will avoid to avoid idleness, the root
of all evil, make us less burdensome to the world and give good example to
our neighbour. In this matter we wish to follow the example of the chosen
vessel Paul, whose preaching was his work, and that of many other holy
Fathers, to observe the admonition given in the Rule, and conform to the will
of our Father St Francis expressed in his Testament. However, during that
time, as far as human frailty allows, they shall not fail to occupy their minds in
some spiritual meditation. For this reason, while working they shall either
speak of God in softly and humbly, or read some spiritual book. And all shall
either listen with great modesty and charity, or else keep silent

76.. The brothers shall take care not to make their work their sole aim, or to
set their hearts on it or become so engrossed in it that the spirit, to which
everything should be subservient, is extinguished or or hindered. With their
eyes fixed always on God, let them take the highest and shortest road, so that
the labour imposed on man by God and accepted and commended by the
saints as a means of preserving recollection, may not become an occasion of
distraction and laxity for them.

77. But since, as St Bernard writes, nothing is more precious than time,
though nowadays it is reckoned the cheapest, and since he also says that we
shall be rigorously examined as to how we have spent our time, we beg and
exhort all our brothers never to be idle or to spend their time doing things of
little or no importance, still less speaking vain and useless words. Let them
always remember that fearful sentence in the mouth of infallible truth, that we shall have to give account on the day of judgement for every vain word we
utter. Rather let them spend all this precious time in praiseworthy, honest and
useful exercises, whether spiritual or corporal, for the glory and honour of the
Divine Majesty and the edification of our neighbours and brothers, both
religious and secular.

78. We forbid all the brothers to practice any act of medicine outside the
Order, nor shall they as doctors prescribe any syrup or medicine, draw blood
or perform any similar medical practice. Anyone who goes against this is to be
severely punished by his Provincial Vicar.